1. Help 

mkboot $ $Revision: 1.1 $

mkboot - generic boot loader installer.

Usage: mkboot [options]


 mkboot -h
 # use grub boot loader and install to local partition
 mkboot -b grub
 # default Slax boot installer bootinst.sh behavior
 mkboot -b syslinux --initmbr --slmbr --active --clear

Installation options:

  -b, --boot=ldr  boot loader [syslinux|grub|grub4dos] (mandatory)
  -m, --tombr     toggle installing to MBR (on) or partition (off)
  -a, --active    toggle activating current partition  (default=off)
  -i, --initmbr   toggle initialzing MBR   (default=off)
      --slmbr     toggle using MBR from syslinux (on) or lilo (off)

Distro specific options:

      --distro=n  distro name (mandatory)
      --lilo=p    where is lilo (mandatory)
      --syslin=p  where is syslinux (mandatory)

Other options:

      --clear     toggle clearing screen between steps  (default=off)
  -h, --help      show this help

As the rule of thumb, the script will by default disturb as little as possible
unless explicitly told to do so.

2. Files 

Files within this release:

3. Support 

This is first public release. It has all the functionality of the default Slax boot installer bootinst.sh . More functionality will be added soon.

For questions, comments, supports etc, please go to http://www.slax.org/forum.php?action=view&parentID=5315 for the moment.